News Post Generator
Like an experienced journalist, the AI analyzes the information and generates a text based on the inverted pyramid principle

Please include some extra details if you want the generator to create your post more accurately:

TurboText news generator will replace you with a newsroom with dozens of journalists, save time and money. Artificial intelligence analyzes the given information and instead of a person writes news with facts and a logical structure.

Advantages of AI TurboText over other generators

Our neural network works with real news online and describes events as well as a person. This is not just a set of words or a so-called «lorem ipsum», but a real news that can be placed in the media and make a profit for displaying ads on the page.

What can affect the result

The quality of the news depends not only on the neural network, but also on the data that the author enters. The text may turn out to be of poor quality if:

  • The given keywords contradict each other

We are talking about situations where the information indicated by the author is logically incompatible, such as «pie recipe» and «carburetor repair».

  • Keywords are entered randomly

Try to enter keywords in the order in which they should appear in the news — from the main to the secondary. Otherwise, the structure of the text may be broken.

  • Unverified or fake facts are used

The news generator can create both true and fake news — it all depends on the source data that you have entered.

TurboText was created to help journalists and the media, not to completely replace a person. The quality of news written by artificial intelligence depends on the author. The more information he enters, the better the news will turn out.