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Artificial intelligence will come up with a striking title for any text or news in a few seconds
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The AI of the title generator easily understands the context and the main meaning of your text. The neural network analyzes text similarly to the neurons of the human brain, but it thinks many times faster.

  • Reads your text instantly
  • Writes a title that fits the text
  • Highlights the main idea
  • Finds a causal relationship

The TurboText header generator is accurate and can produce an illogical result only if the text is incomplete or not informative. The title will turn out to be inaccurate if in the text:

  • the integrity of the theme is broken
  • abundance of unnecessary information
  • the connection between the sentences is broken
  • there is no full disclosure of the topic
  • several topics are inappropriately mixed
  • there is foul language
  • lots of spam and water

The title generator can make titles according to all the rules of the English language and according to the rules of search aggregators, news, blog platforms and any recommendation systems. Of course, if the text itself corresponds to them.

In order for the text to be coherent and the header generator to do its job correctly, we recommend sticking to the «inverted pyramid» structure.