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The neural network will adjust to the author’s narrative style and will complete the text while taking into account its topic
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TurboText artificial intelligence will analyze the text in a few seconds, come up with a continuation and add it for the author.

Benefits of the text finisher:

  1. Artificial intelligence adapts to the style of the author’s presentation
  2. The author receives a logical and structured text
  3. The text of the generator is almost impossible to distinguish from written by a person
  4. You can add any text: news, informational articles, or even jokes

TurboText artificial intelligence is an assistant who knows the rules of the English language and can become the «right hand» of the author. The neural network works best with texts where there is an event and a causal relationship. But abstract articles can be added unpredictably and invent non-existent events. In order for the AI to work correctly, make sure that there is an event in the text, and reliable facts are also used.